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Content Innovations Case Study

About the Project

Content Innovations came to my team to make a website to promote their startup business that creates training solutions for businesses. The company was just starting out and hopes to debut later this year or next year.

image of user persona and competitive analysis

In the Discovery Phase we started with an initial meeting with the client where we got information on what they wanted and needed. We also explained the agile process we would follow to build the site. Our team works in a scrum environment. We work in three-week periods called "sprints" and meet with the client after every sprint to show progress.

image of user persona and competitive analysis

The team got busy researching similar companies and pointing out what we liked and disliked about their sites. We also talked to potential clients who would use Content Innovations services and found out what information they would want to see.

The team then used Google Drawings to come up with different wireframe ideas for a site design. After we selected the best one of our six designs, I made it as a basic HTML/CSS page (it is shown here; note that at this point the company had a different name, 'Elevated,' which they later changed). We presented it to the client and got their feedback for what to change for the next sprint.

image of sketch ideas
image of basic site layout and design

For the next sprint we decided to use WordPress to make the site. We went with WordPress because it would make it easier for the client to keep the site updated after we were done. Since the client had not obtained their server space yet, I created the website locally on my laptop. Based on the client's feedback, I started to use different plugins to achieve the style and functions of the site. We chose Sydney Lite as our theme for the project because of its professional look and feel.

About halfway through this sprint, the client announced a major change: the name of the company would now become Content Innovations. Though this required a shift in thinking, the team dealt with it well, and set about adjusting the site and developing a new logo.

image of old homepage

List of Plugins Used

  • Elementor
  • Slider 3
  • WP Forms Lite
  • Wordpress Blocks
image of selected plugin

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As we began one final sprint, the client arranged for web server space and the team could begin setting the site up on the server. I took the local site from my laptop and copied it to the real site using the same plugins but modifying them to meet the client's latest requests. We also arranged to give the site a Coming Soon page the public would see until the client is ready to go live.

The development team spent the third sprint implementing changes requested by the clients and making adjustments to enhance the site. I spent a lot more time on the plugins to try to learn more about them to make the site better in any way possible. As a normal part of our development process, the team also conducted user testing to see how sample users utilized the site. The team made some changes based on their feedback and showed the feedback to the clients to give them an understanding of what some potential clients had to say about their site.

image of content inovations homepage

Changes I made in sprint 3

  • Elementor changes
  • Smart Slider changes
  • WP Forms changes
  • WordPress Blocks changes
  • SeedProd
imamge of selected plugin

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Satisfied Clients

The client was very pleased with the results of the finished product. As an individual I learned more about the WordPress platform and how to integrate several useful plugins. As a team we did well to adjust and adapt to the many changes that occurred during the project. We learned a lot about teamwork and what makes working with a startup company different from working with a more established company.